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The answers to these questions are general answers that apply to most of our customers.  However, these answers are superseded by any lease or contract and we recommend you check your lease for specifics.

I know there are many things I can be charged for. Is there a complete list of all possible tenant charges and fees?

Normally tenants are only charged for items listed in the lease but Eclipse does charge additional fees to tenants depending on circumstances.

Here is a list of the fees that could be charged:


  • Rent as described in the lease (could include parking, combined area maintenance, signage, or other items described in the lease)
  • Utilities (or reimbursement for utilities as described in the lease)
  • Resident Benefit Package – $39
  • Application Fee – $59/ applicant (+$30 for expedited processing)

Pet Related:

  • Pet inspection Fee – Monthly depending on paw score from petscreening.
    • 1 or 2 Paws – $40/ month
    • 3 Paws – $30/ month
    • 4 Paws – $20/ month
    • 5 Paws – $10/ month
  • Unauthorized Pet – $500/ unauthorized pet, $100/ day the pet is present, and $120 for each additional pet inspection.

Lease Modification:

  • Add Tenant Fee – $175 (+ Application Fee)
  • Remove Tenant Fee – $175
  • Lease Modification Fee – $87
  • Early Termination of Lease Fee – Fee is equal to one month’s rent

Holdover (Staying longer than the lease term):

  • Holdover Fee – $500 + 30% automatic rent increase
  • Wrongful Holdover (Tenant gives notice, but do not leave) – $100/day


  • Charges for Tenant Caused Damages – Dependent on vendor’s charges
  • Move Out Cleaning Coordination Fee – $100
  • Maintenance Presence Fee – Only charged if tenant requires landlord to be present with Vendor – $400.
  • Missed Appointment Fee – $75 or cost of the vendor’s invoice, whichever is greater
  • Lockout Fee – If performed by Eclipse: Business hours $50, After hours $100
  • Marijuana Use Fee – $500 cleaning fee & $200 inspection fee


  • Compliance Notice Fee – $100
  • NSF Fee – $20.00
  • Payment Convenience Fee – $20
  • RBP Insurance Lapse Fee – $25
  • Eviction Legal and Court Costs – Depends on case but usually around $500

Please keep in mind this list may not include every possible fee. Also keep in mind that most of these fees are rarely charged and are dependent on the circumstances. For example, an NSF fee is only charged when a payment is returned to our bank by the tenant’s bank.

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