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The answers to these questions are general answers that apply to most of our customers.  However, these answers are superseded by any lease or contract and we recommend you check your lease for specifics.

I now have a Service Animal but I didn’t tell my Property Manager yet, what do I do now?

First, you need to tell us about it because this is a lease violation. For the animal to legally be considered a service animal, you must submit a reasonable accommodation request through and have it approved by Eclipse Property Management & Real Estate. This must happen BEFORE the animal is allowed in the rental. If this has not been done and subsequently approved by Eclipse Property Management & Real Estate, then the animal is not considered a service animal and there is a lease violation occurring.Second, you need to find an alternative place for the animal to be until the approval is obtained from Eclipse Property Management & Real Estateso you are not violating the lease anymore. Third, since you are in violation of the lease, you need to read your lease and see what it specifically says regarding penalties and such. Most likely, it says that there is a fee of $500, plus $100 per day that the pet is in the unit, plus a pet inspection fee of $120 after the pet has been removed. If Landlord deems it appropriate, Landlord may then conduct additional follow-up inspections at the rate of $120 per inspection.

Finally (and most importantly), if you would like to have the service animal, then you must have a disability and have a medical professional submit paperwork indicating the service animal directly helps you with your disability. This information will have to be submitted to PetScreening with a pet profile. We will then evaluate your request and let you know if the service animal is allowed. You must receive authorization from us before allowing a service animal in your rental unit.

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