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Get Answers to Your Questions

The answers to these questions are general answers that apply to most of our customers.  However, these answers are superseded by any lease or contract and we recommend you check your lease for specifics.

I’m breaking my lease early with an Early Termination of Lease. Can I list the property for rent myself on Facebook, Craigslist, Zillow, or a similar site?

Legally can but it’s highly recommended that you only mention the listing and link back to our website. This ensures that any interested person gets the most accurate and up to date information possible.

Also, make sure any applicant understands they have to apply with us directly at and that you will not have any influence on their application.

Please be aware that if you do list it for rent yourself, you run the risk of having upset applicants demanding an application fee refund from YOU because they might apply with us for the residence not realizing we’ve already rented it or that the terms were not what they thought they were. It’s highly recommended you just tell anyone interested to look at our website for the listing.

Finally, there are a lot of websites that offer rental listing services. We don’t use many of them because of the incredible amount of fraud that revolves around these sites. It happens frequently that a criminal will copy your listing and “rent” it to someone else. You may find that there are upset applicants who think they have rented your unit because of the fraudulent listing that you had no control over. Often this results in very upset people and sometimes legal battles. It’s for this reason and others that we don’t often use rental listing sites unless we have a relationship with the site already and we highly encourage you to NOT do so as well.

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