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The answers to these questions are general answers that apply to most of our customers.  However, these answers are superseded by any lease or contract and we recommend you check your lease for specifics.

I’m leaving but my roommate is going to stay. How does that work with my deposit?

If not everyone is moving out, and someone on the lease is staying, then the person leaving will need to submit a “Remove Tenant” form at our website ( Once the form is submitted we will confirm information with all of the currently listed tenants. Each current tenant will then receive a form to sign via Adobe eSign, beginning with the tenant being removed. This form will address what happens with the security deposit on record with Eclipse Property Management. Keep in mind that the remaining tenants may be required to repay the portion of the security deposit which has been refunded to the Removed Tenant. Additionally, Eclipse Property Management will not hold the Removed Tenant responsible for damages to the unit and will hold Remaining Tenants responsible for any damage to the unit, even if caused by the Removed Tenant.

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