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The answers to these questions are general answers that apply to most of our customers.  However, these answers are superseded by any lease or contract and we recommend you check your lease for specifics.

How does Eclipse Property Management handle Move-In Inspections?

Eclipse Property Management & Real Estate uses a digital app called “zTenant” that is freely available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This is included as part of the Resident Benefit Package (RBP).

The zTenant application allows a tenant to fully document the condition of the home at the time of move in which protects both the tenant and landlord. A PDF copy of the inspection report will be sent to the tenant’s email once uploading has been completed.

This is a much faster and more effective move-in inspection than having to write down a detailed description of damages and then email or upload lots of photos.

In order to make it very convenient for the Tenant, we allow Tenants to complete the move-in inspection within 7 days after the move-in date. That allows flexibility and accommodates all schedules.

A couple tips related to using the zTenant App:

  • You will have to use the same email address on file with Eclipse Property Management & Real Estate.
  • You will be emailed a password to login and must have that before you can use the zTenant app.
  • Plan on spending 30-60 minutes doing a detailed inspection.
  • Photos must be taken from within the app and you can not use photos you have already taken. This is done for security to ensure that only photos with a date/time stamp and geo location are used for the inspection.
  • For each of the Red Camera icons, tap it to take an overview picture of each room.
  • Tap each room to Expand the Details.
    • Tap the checkbox above the S to mark everything as Satisfactory.
    • Change items to D-Damage or !-Needs Attention as appropriate.
    • For anything you mark D-Damage, you must take an additional picture or add a Comment.
  • The zTenant app is not built or maintained by Eclipse Property Management & Real Estate, but a third party, zInspector. If you have any issues using the app, you will have to reach out to their support at: and provide them with a screenshot of the problem.

Links to the zTenant App:
Apple App Store:
Google Play Store:

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