Moving In

We simplify the move-in process.

We want moving in to be as simple as possible.

If you need extra assistance, please give our team a call at 719-581-RENT.

Please make sure all applicable utilities have been placed in your name:

For information on each community please visit one of these information listings.

Once you have moved in please complete the Move In Inspection.

To submit the inspection you will receive an invitation to fill out the inspection online from our inspection software, zInspector. The invitation will ask you to download an app, follow instructions, and use zTenant to complete the inspection.

Please note, this form must be submitted within 7 days of moving in and only one tenant per unit should submit one.

Looking to add someone to your lease?

We have an Add Tenant form that the Tenant will need to complete and the existing Tenants will also need to sign. There is a lease modification fee that will also have to be paid. After receiving the form and the fee is paid, we will email the new Tenant an application. After approval of the application, we will send a new lease to the existing Tenants plus the new Tenant. After everyone has signed, the new Tenant can move in.