Each property owner has different requirements regarding pets. Some owners will allow pets and some will not. Each rental listing says if pets are considered or not allowed. If your rental considers pets it probably won’t be an issue to have a pet. Usually, there is an increase in rent and in the Security Deposit. We also require 1-4 pet inspections per year, at the cost to the tenant ($10-$40 per month). If the listing is NO PETS then no pets will be allowed in the unit. If pets are considered, you will need to submit a profile for each pet so we can get it approved by the owner.

Tenant Charges for Pets

In properties which consider pets, the following charges are paid by the tenant:

  • Pet Screening – Tenants must submit information about their pet to the pet screening service (cost is $20 for the first pet and $15 for each additional pet).  The pet is “scored” by the service and the score determines whether the pet will be allowed and how many inspections will be required.
    • Pet Profiles are active for one year.
    • Annually you will be prompted to review your profile, make any updates, and attest that the information is still accurate to renew the profile. The cost to renew each profile before the expiration date is $10. The auto-renewal fee is $15. The fee to renew the profile after it has expired is $20. The pet screening service will send expiration notifications starting 14 days prior to expiration so you can prepare for your renewal.
  • Additional Property Rent - $35/pet/month.
  • Increased Security Deposit - $100/pet.
  • Interior inspections – Interior property inspections are required. The frequency and cost to the tenant is based on the pet screening score.  This score is based on numerous factors related to the individual pet (size, breed, history, age, vaccines, etc).
Pet Screening “Score” Inspections per Year Pet Inspection Fee (paid by Tenant)
5 paws 1 $10/month
4 paws 2 $20/month
3 paws 3 $30/month
2 paws 4 $40/month


No Pets Profiles

I have been told I need to submit a "No Pet Profile."


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