Vacation Rental Management

Discover Our Services

Discover Our Services

Property Marketing

We list your unit on our website and multiple Online Travel Agencies like AirBNB,, Homeaway, VRBO,etc. This allows us to maximize exposure and bookings.

Tenant Screening

Every guest is screened, to ensure they are not criminals, sex offendors, terrorists, or have a history of damaging vacation rentals.

Rent Collection

Not only do we maximize the amount of money you earn on your vacation rental, but we collect money from multiple different sources and online travel agencies and consolidate it into a single monthly payment to you.


Keep your home in great shape with our maintenance coordination team on your side. We coordinate repairs & make sure all work meets our standards.

Property Inspections

We visit every home in our portfolio regularly to identify potential problems. (Type and frequency of inspection dependent on service package.)

Financial Reporting

Our team generates monthly financial reports for your review, making it easy to monitor your performance and crunch the numbers at any time.


If you ever find yourself in a bad situation with a guest who won't leave, we'll help you resolve things legally utilizing the police and legal system if necessary.

Legal Guidance

Are you aware of the many laws, ordinances, and housing guidelines that impact your property? Don't leave it to chance: let us keep you compliant.

If you are interested in Vacation Rental Management, please reach out to one of our vacation rental managers listed below:

Kati Vigil

Kati Vigil

Assistant Property Manager / Vacation Rental Manager

Alamosa and the San Luis Valley


Kati Vigil

Assistant Property Manager / Vacation Rental Manager

Alamosa and the San Luis Valley |

Kati was born on an Air Force Base, in Cheyenne, WY, and moved back to the Valley where her family is originally from. She has lived in Alamosa for over 30 years and graduated from Alamosa High School. She enjoys living in the San Luis Valley where she now raises her two boys.

Kati has a strong background in customer service with over 15 years of experience. She has been with Eclipse Property Management since August of 2019 managing Vacation Rentals and assisting the property manager. She is currently working towards getting her Real Estate License to become the next Property Manager for the San Luis Valley. Kati is upbeat and a highly self-motivated individual and enjoys engaging with Customers, Clients, Tenants, Owners and Vendors.

When Kati is not at the office, what she enjoys the most is spending time with her two sons Ethan & Lucas. They all enjoy having family movie nights, going out on bike rides, and traveling. Their favorite outdoor activity is geocaching, they love the excitement of an adventure.
Cas Taylor

Cas Taylor

REALTOR®, Property Manager, & Vacation Rental Manager

Arkansas Valley & Central Colorado


Cas Taylor

Arkansas Valley & Central Colorado

Cas moved to Colorado in 2014 and instantly fell in love with the Arkansas Valley.

You're likely to have seen him on the river or local bike trails, but he also enjoys hiking, photography, skiing, playing music, and especially anything with his big brown dog, Ahyoka, tagging along.

Originally here as a raft guide and kayak instructor, his background in Real Estate started even before then with a handful of family owned rentals for college students. After enjoying several years as a bartender and doing Real Estate related work on the side, he received his license in 2021 after joining Eclipse.

Now he's enjoying sharing his passion for the outdoors and helping people find and obtain the housing they need.

Why you should partner with Eclipse Property Management

Discover the benefits of working with us

We Know the Ins & Outs of Colorado Tenant Law

There is no reason to put yourself at financial or legal risk. Our team carefully monitors the ever changing web of local and federal laws that impact your home, and we make certain your property follows the rules.

Our Team Understands What Renters Want

We've helped countless people find that perfect place to call home and we know what makes a rental unit truly shine; we use this expertise to provide hands-on guidance and make recommendations to help you boost your earnings.

Customer Service is Our Priority

We don't simply believe in getting the job done; we believe in getting it done right. We aim to treat both tenants and clients with respect, honesty, and integrity. It's a small thing that makes all the difference.

Trusted Vendors Keep Your Home in Great Shape

At Eclipse Property Management, we only work with the best contractors and service providers. We've built relationships with reliable partners and we make certain all maintenance work is completed quickly.

What Others Are Saying

What Others Are Saying


I love doing business with Eclipse. Whenever we have had an issue with our building, the management has been extremely responsive to our needs and making sure we are happy. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Mary Domito
Satisfied Commercial Tenant


Eclipse is always quick to get my requests processed if something breaks, and always checks with me that it got done. I found the online portal really easy to use and convenient for paying my bills through."

Steven M.
Satisfied Tenant


I have been very impressed with Eclipse's attention to detail, professionalism, & how they communicate. They set the standard for what property management should be! I am very happy!”

Satisfied Owner

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